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In need of that fresh off holiday flawless glow. All you need is your Golden Sands Self Tanner and your FREE 2in1 Tanning Mitt & Buffer. Follow these Top Tanning Tips for that beautiful, streak free, flawless glow. With our tips and products, we can give you that Professional Salon Tan at your own home
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Exfoliating and preparing the skin before tanning is a must, youre wanting to create the best base you can if you’re wanting to get the best results. Exfoliate 24 hours prior to tanning. It is important to pay extra attention to dry areas. Tip if you are wanting to shave also do this 24 hours before to avoid an uneven, speckled finish.

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Choosing your product

Our products range from a glowing medium tan to an ultra-dark competition standard tan, allowing you a great range of shades to choose from to find your perfect tan.

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Do this 2-3 hours before tanning to ensure your skin is soft and smooth ready for the tanning product. This is because it gives the moisturiser time to soak into your skin which helps avoid a streaky tan. Pay extra attention to dry areas like elbows, knees and ankles.

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Now for that flawless tan

Wear the rubber gloves provided with the tanning mitt and buffer, this ensures you don’t stain your hands or nails. Use the mitt provided by spraying the product directly onto the white side and gently rub in until you have covered all your desired body parts. Leave for 20 minutes to dry, then use the soft brown buffer side of the mitt and gently buff your tan, this will eliminate any streaks. Rinse the mitt in warm water and ensure it is fully dry before next use.

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Time to wait

Allow your tan to develop. For best results wait 4-8 hours before rinsing but don’t leave it on for any longer than 12 hours. Loose fitting dark clothes are always best to wear while waiting. During this time avoid any water and making sure you don’t sweat as this could affect your end results. Some people even choose to apply their tan before bed and rinse off the next morning. Top tip, once developed rinse off with cool water for best results.

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Feel & Look Amazing

Now you have your beautiful, flawless tan you’re going to want to help maintain and make sure your glow lasts. This can be helped by moisturizing often but just like a natural tan it will eventually fade.

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